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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level

The new B&O Beosound Level is not just any old portable speaker. Having recently returned from the drawing board, B&O has created a speaker that is as powerful as its wired rivals but is also more flexible. It can of course be simply used as a portable speaker that will stand anywhere you like providing you with up to 16 hours of continuous music but it does so through five drivers that project the music into the room with a very wide soundstage. You can even lie it on its back without any noticeable loss of sound quality or power thanks to its adaptive active room compensation capabilities.

When it comes to recharging, B&O has come up with a much more graceful solution than plugging in a cable, thanks to the optional charging wall mount, which makes the unit look so good, you might just want to leave it there. Although, if wall hanging chargers are not your thing, there is a magnetic charge unit that simply clicks into place in a depression at the rear of the unit making even cable-based charging a graceful thing to accomplish.

Obviously, as this is a portable speaker, portability is key and so you will find that the Scandinavian-inspired design, including the smoothly integrated handle, will allow you to very easily pick it up and take it with you into whichever room you happen to be using, and I do mean any room, thanks to its IP54 level dust and splash resistant capabilities.

But what if you get a little bored with the way that it looks? Not a problem as B&O has thought of that too, which is why the Beosound Level has been designed in a modular fashion, meaning that not only can batteries be changed, but so can the fabric and wood covers.

As far as control is concerned, a proximity sensor senses when you are near and lights up a discreet control panel at the aluminium frame so that you can locate the soft-touch buttons used to control the unit and once you are done, the panel gently dims again. You can also control things with your voice thanks to the fact that Google Assistant is embedded.

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