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Irish Regulator Probes Old Facebook Data Leak

A dataset that contains the personal details of more than 530 million people across 106 countries, 11 million of whom are in the UK, including their names, phone numbers and other information has been published in a hacking forum for free.

The information, which Facebook has said is all associated with a data leak that was originally reported in 2019, and which Facebook says it has since resolved, is being looked at by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), which says it will work with the social media giant to ensure that Facebook users have nothing new to worry about.

Although the DPC has issued a statement that the leaked information does indeed appear to be from the previous incident, cyber-security professionals are still concerned given that the information has now been published for free, meaning that its availability and therefore use is likely to be much more widely spread than when it was previously made available for a fee. This, coupled with the fact that a lot of the information is of an unchanging nature, such as telephone numbers, which users do not change very often means that Facebook users may well experience issues in the coming weeks and months, such as spam campaigns being directed at those phone numbers.

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