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Samsung Galaxy Note 20

For a while now the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and let’s face it, I’m talking about Apple and Samsung have had to work really hard to differentiate any new mobile phone from the one that went before. In fact, as new technology is thrown at the top end of their ranges, the prices asked have seen the focus switch towards the more value end of the market as those devices are now sporting what was cutting edge technology only 18 months ago.

So what will get us to dig deeper into our pockets to drag out enough cash to fork out for the latest offering from Samsung, the Note20, and the flagship version the Note20 Ultra?

Neither of these phones are cheap, with the Note20 being offered up at around £950 for the 5G version and the Ultra commanding more than £200 more than that, so what do you get for your money?

First up is the screen size. Both version of the Note20 are equipped with AMOLED screens but there the similarity ends as the Ultra has a greater resolution and is bigger and has WQHD+ Edge. The Ultra also has an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120hz as opposed to its smaller sibling’s 60hz. It also uses Gorilla Glass 7 front and back so be prepared to lug around an extra 16g.

Next up is the camera technology. As we have come to expect, each generation of phone improves on the camera tech that went before it and the Note20 is no exception. The Ultra offers up a 108MP wide lens with a 12MP telephoto one alongside it and 12MP ultra-wide and 5x optical zoom as opposed to the slightly less capable options on the non-Ultra version.

To be honest, they are the main talking points, except for longer battery life (30 hours anyone?) and an upgrade to the S Pen.

Is it worth the money? Well, if you consider the Note10 to have been worth the money when it was launched then you are unlikely to be disappointed with the Note20 so overall – probably. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple come up with in the (delayed) launch of the iPhone12 in October. If it steals the show, then that will still leave the Samsung Galaxy Note20 as the best Android phone on the market, so its not a bad show.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Review

Build Quality - 93%
Screen Size - 94%
Display - 95%
Camera - 94%


The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has a big new screen, new camera tech and impressive battery life. It's a very capable phone that whilst not a massive improvement on its predecessor could still possibly claim to be the best phone on the market.

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