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Second Time Lucky – England’s Contact Tracing App

Maybe as soon as next week, members of the public in England will get the chance to try the government’s second attempt at a Coronavirus contact tracing app but although it seems the launch of the app is imminent, elements of it are still being developed, including the ability for it to deliver your test results to you.

However, by launch, it is hoped that the app will be able to tell you if you have been within 2 metres of someone else who has the app installed for a period of 15 minutes or greater, using technology that has been developed by Google and Apple. Users of the app will receive an alert if one of your recent contacts declares that they have tested positive for Coronavirus.

The app will also have a scanning facility enabling the user to scan a QR type code that will check them in to various venues.

Not formal decision has been made yet regarding when the app will go live or who the first cohort of test users will be, although it is believed that users on the Isle of Wight will be the likely candidates.

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