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Top 5 Best Selling Lawnmowers for 2021

Although it looks like we will be taking tentative steps out of lockdown over the next few weeks and months, many of us will still find ourselves with extra time on our hands to spend at home and in the garden. You may therefore be thinking of treating yourself to some new tools to help you out and one area where technology is always able to lend a hand is when it comes to looking after your lawn. In this article we present the top 5 best selling lawnmowers in the UK ahead of the 2021 summer season.

1. Bosch Rotak 32 Lawnmower

Best Seller

The Bosch Rotak 32 is a compact lawnmower that nevertheless offers powerful cutting performance which is especially suited to urban spaces.

Bosch Rotak 32 Lawnmower

The design of the Bosch Rotak 32 with its grass combs allows it to cut right up to the edge of your lawn and you will find the process of cutting even long grass relatively effortless thanks to the powerful 1200 watt Powerdrive motor.

The Rotak 32 is also very easy to manoeuvre around any obstacles that you come across thanks to its overall lightweight and ergonomic handle design.

Its large capacity, 31 litre grass box also means that you will make fewer emptying trips too.

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2. Flymo EasiStore 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

The Flymo Easistore 300R benefits from a large, easy to empty grass box and a powerful 1200 watt motor which makes light work of your lawn mowing requirements. It also features an ingenious capability to be folded into a a configuration which makes possible to store vertically through the use of two of its wheels in conjunction with two built in feet, saving you floor space when the mower is not in use.

Flymo EasiStore 300R Lawnmower

The Flymo EasiStore 300R features a 30cm cutting width and is designed to allow cutting close along borders and flowerbeds, reducing the need for separate trimming around the edges of your lawn. It also features dual lever handles so it doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed, you will get on with this mower just fine as it can be operated easily with either hand.

What’s more, not only does the EasiStore 300R fold away neatly, it also has a convenient handle on the top making it easy to carry to and from the lawn.

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3. Flymo Chevron 32 V Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower

Although it has been designed perfectly for smaller gardens, the Flymo Chevron 32V lawn mower features an easy to empty 29 litre grass box.

Flymo Chevron 32 V Electric Wheeled Lawnmower

The powerful 1200 watt motor, coupled with its 32cm cutting width will help you make short work of cutting your lawn and the large grass box means that there will be fewer emptying trips to make.

The Chevron 32V also incorporates a rear roller which means that you can also achieve that highly sought after striped look, and once the stripes have been achieved, the convenient carry handle makes it very easy to transport back to its storage place.

Three manual settings for cutting height gives you the option to choose a grass length of between 20 and 60 mm, for a perfect lawn all year round and the dual levers make it super easy to use with either hand.

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4. Hyundai HYM3800E Electric Lawn Mower

The Hyundai HYM3800E is a very versatile electric lawn mower which features a plastic chassis, making it very lightweight and manoeuvrable and ideal for small to medium sized lawns.

Hyundai HYM3800E Electric Lawn Mower

Featuring a powerful Hyundai 1600 watt electric motor and a 38cm cutting blade, it will help you to make short work of most of your lawn mowing requirements.

This great looking lawn mower is also packed with innovative features such as its mulching capability, which means that you can avoid having to empty the grass collector. It also has a rear roller to enable you to achieve the much sought after striped look for your lawn.

The soft-grip handle bar and large treaded wheels, when coupled with its light weight make it very easy to live with and the dual power levers on the handle mean that it can be operated with either hand making it super convenient.

When the grass collector does eventually need emptying, you will know as there is a grass level indicator built in, but you won’t have to do this too often when you put together the mower’s mulching capability and large 40 litre capacity.

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5. Yard Force 32cm 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

It’s time to make your neighbours jealous. As they mow their lawns and have to find innovative ways of making the power cables to their corded lawnmowers reach the far corners of their lawn, you will be able to stroll around cutting all of your lawn without having to worry about power cables at all, as you have realised that it is time to cut the cord and go cordless outdoors.

Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower

The Yard Force 32cm 40V is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable lawnmower designed with ease of use in mind leading to a stress free experience when it comes to cutting the grass, an experience which is enhanced by their being no need to keep untangling power cables or handling petrol.

The Yard Force 32cm 40V comes complete with a powerful 40V/2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery made by Samsung, which is capable of being fully charged via the quick charger in around 75 minutes. Each full charge will give you around 25 minutes of lawn cutting power.

There are also 5 cutting positions to choose from meaning that through the use of a simple selection lever, you can select the most appropriate cutting length ranging between 20mm and 60mm.

There will also be fewer trips required to empty the grass cuttings as the Yard Force 32cm 40V lawn mower also features a large capacity 30 litre grass collection bag with built in full level indicator.

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