Toshiba Exits the Laptop Market

Since 1985, the Japanese technology giant Toshiba has been on the forefront of laptop design and marketing. Its first laptop, the T1100 weighed 4kg and used 3.5 inch floppy disks but that didn’t stop it reaching an annual sales target of 10,000 units, which were initially only available in Europe.

By 2011 Toshiba was selling more than 17 million laptops and desktops per year but it failed to keep up with the competition and it started to lose ground. Numbers fell to around 2 million units sold only 6 years later.

In 2018 rival tech giant Sharp bought 80% of Toshiba’s computing division for around £27 million and it has been announced that it has now acquired the other 20%, meaning that Toshiba no longer has any involvement in the manufacture of laptop and desktop computers.

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